Competition is Life’s First Law

Dr. Al Schoonmaker

All organic beings [forms of life] are exposed to severe competition.
Charles Darwin1

Poker is a predatory game; the strong eat the weak.
Roy Cooke, professional player and writer

Many people deny that law because it’s painful, while delusions are much more pleasant. Denying reality is everywhere, and it’s extremely destructive.

You can get away with denial for a while in business, investing, and other games, but not in poker. It’s so brutally competitive and realistic that pleasant delusions quickly disappear (if you are open-minded enough to heed poker’s lessons). If you have the cards and the skill, you win; if not, the stronger players eat you alive, just like they do in real life, but much more quickly and visibly.

Where there is life, there is always competition. It can be savage and visible or quiet and subtle, but life can’t exist for long without competition. The winners survive and reproduce; the losers die and disappear. It’s not pleasant, but it’s a fact, and you’d better accept it.

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